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Model No: 60x60x15mm-1

DC blower

Size: 60x60x15mm-1
Material: Environmental protection and fire protection PBT UL 94V-0
Operating voltage: 5V 12V 24V
Bearing structure:Oil Bearing Ball Bearing
Product life:30,000 hours 70,000 hours
Output function:FG function RD function PWM function
Operating temperature: -10℃ ~70℃
Storage temperature:-40℃ ~75℃
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DC blower 60x60x15mm-1

As a leading DC cooling fan manufacturer in China, we are proud to introduce our latest product - the 60x60x15mm-1 DC blower fan. This innovative fan is designed to help keep your electronic devices cool and prevent them from overheating.

Our DC blower fan model 60x60x15mm-1 is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and long-lasting performance. The fan is also equipped with an ultra-quiet motor that produces minimal noise, making it ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments.

This DC blower fan is perfect for a wide range of applications, including computer cases, projectors, audio/video equipment, and industrial machinery. It is also suitable for use in high-temperature environments due to its excellent heat dissipating ability.

Our DC blower fan model 60x60x15mm-1 is designed to deliver high-performance cooling solutions for all your electronic devices. Its compact size and low power consumption make it an excellent choice for applications where space is limited and energy efficiency is essential.

With our extensive experience as a DC cooling fan manufacturer, we understand the importance of providing high-quality products that meet our customers' needs. Our DC blower fan model 60x60x15mm-1 is no exception and comes with a range of features that make it an ideal choice for your cooling needs.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable and efficient cooling solution for your electronic devices, look no further than our DC blower fan model 60x60x15mm-1. As a trusted DC cooling fan manufacturer in China, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products that meet their needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our DC blower fan can help keep your devices cool and operating at their best.

product specifications 

ModelBearingRated VoltageStartup VoltageCurrentPowerSpeedAir FlowStatic PressureNoise
HBS0605MD-1 SLEEVE54.50.351.7535000.103.6510.120.4032.4
HBB0605MD-1 BALL54.50.351.7535000.103.6510.120.4032.4
HBS0612HD-1 SLEEVE129.50.242.8842000.124.3512.120.4839.1
HBB0612HD-1 BALL129.50.242.8842000.124.3512.120.4839.1
Application areas
● Drone fan
 Sensor fan
 Laptop fan
Sweeper fan
Head mounted VR fan
 Air purifier fan
Electric forklift fan
 Air detector fan
● High speed camera fan
Power industry fan
Smart toilet fan
Refrigerator, air conditioning fan
Medical equipment fan
Automobile equipment cooling fan
​​Cooling solutions for all machines
​​​​​​Industrial equipment cooling fan
Server and storage cooling ventilation fans
Telecom equipment and telecom cabinet cooling fans
Factory Automation/Processing Machine Cooling Fans
● Sports equipment cooling fan
Treadmill cooling fan
Dehumidifier cooling fan
Healthcare Cooling Fan
Cooling fan
Commercial kitchen air cooler
3D printer cooling fan
Projector cooling fan
Copier cooling fan
Printer cooling fan
Coffee machine cooling fan
● Stage lighting cooling fan
Cooling fan function description 
fan blade
Select fan blades
Ingenious fan blade design and excellent material selectionkeep the cooling fan running stably.
longer product life
The windings of our fan motors are made 100% of copper. Use high-quality wires to extend the service life of each series of fans.
fan motor
Environmental PBT Fireproof,Excellent Structure and LargeAirvilume.
Ball Bearing
Ball Bearing
Super longservice life, super low noise


Company Profile

HXHFAN was established in Shenzhen, China in 2007 and is a comprehensive company dedicated to the research and development, production, sales, and related technology and services of cooling fans. HXHFAN is a leading manufacturer of cooling fan solutions, specializing in cooling systems. Maintain high standards in terms of quality.
We provide comprehensive cooling solutions. HXHFAN can also provide OEM/ODM services. DC cooling fans offer a variety of fan sizes, fan speeds, and voltages to meet your customized needs. The company has been focusing on the research and development, production, and sales of cooling fans, mainly producing DC/AC/EC fans, blowers, and fan covers.
HXHFAN has advanced and complete fully automated equipment, including: fully automatic winding machines, automatic air volume measurement systems, dynamic balancing machines, salt spray testing systems, noise testing systems, and other equipment. At the same time, the HXHFAN series products have obtained UL, TUV, CE, ROHS, REACH, and IP68 product certifications, and the factory has obtained IOS9001:2015 and IATE16949:2016 certifications.
HXHFAN has a passionate and elite engineering team. HXHFAN's products are widely used in fields such as network communication, medical equipment, environmental protection equipment, photovoltaic equipment, new energy equipment, automotive electronic equipment, industrial production equipment, smart home equipment, etc. We have a large number of distributors in various fields around the world. Our products are distributed around the world and have won a good reputation and trust. We expand our production costs to meet different needs, In 2011, we built our own factory and relocated from Shenzhen to Dongguan Qiaotou, with an area of 12000 square meters. Shenzhen also established an office.
After years of rapid development, HXHFAN has formed a complete quality management system. Until now, HXHFAN has a complete organizational structure, including the R&D department, engineering department, production department, quality department, procurement department, material department, administrative department, finance department, sales department, etc. HXHFAN has a strong R&D team and strong and fast production capacity.


Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing Equipment

Our service

HXHFAN was established in 2007 and has more than 10 years of experience in the cooling fan industry. Our professional teams in mold and R&D departments can provide customers with technical advice and customized services.

Our service

 Quality Stability & Reliability

To ensure that high standard and reliable products are delivered to our customers,100% products inspections are conducted at the end of production line. Our main inspection equipment includes Semi-Anechoic Room which is one of the biggest sizes in the fan industry and background noise down to 10.0 dBA.
The air flow chamber that can be used for measuring air flow for any kind of fan. and measurement range up to 1,300 CFM.
         Cooling fan testing equipment

Short Production Time & Prompt Delivery

HXHFAN has invested more than US$1.8 million to upgrade production facilities and testing equipment. Our production line includes fully automatic winding machines, automatic air volume measurement systems, dynamic balancing machines, salt spray testing systems, noise testing systems and other equipment.
Most importantly, up to 10 assembly lines can shorten production time that usually takes about 3 to 5 weeks.
Production lead time

 Patent certification


1.HXHFAN complies with global standards and has passed ISO 9001:2015 and IATE16949:2016 quality system certification.

2. All our products have obtained UL, TUV, CE, ROHS, REACH, and IP68 product certifications.


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1. What is the purpose of a blower?

A blower is a device or device that increases the speed of air or gas as it passes through an equipped impeller. Mainly used for air/gas flow required for exhaust, suction, cooling, ventilation, transportation, etc.

2. Does the blower motor need to be lubricated?

For optimal performance, it is crucial to keep your blower motor lubricated

3.What parts does the blower consist of?

The blower assembly is made up of the parts responsible for circulating air throughout the heating system, including the blower motor, blower, blower belt, bearings, shaft and blower wheel.

4: What are the common applications of fans and blowers?

Fans are commonly used for cooling purposes in a variety of environments, such as homes, offices, and even server rooms. They are also used for air circulation and extraction in HVAC systems. Blowers, on the other hand, are used in industries that require higher pressures for ventilation, drying, and conveying materials. They are commonly used in manufacturing, wastewater treatment plants and industrial processes.

5: How do blowers and fans work?

Fans and blowers work on the same principle. They all generate airflow through the rotation of blades. As the blades rotate, they create a pressure difference that pushes the air. In a fan, the blades push the air in the same direction as the axis of rotation, whereas in a blower, the blades push the air perpendicular to the axis of rotation, creating a stronger, more focused airflow.

6: Are blowers and fans energy efficient?

Energy efficiency varies depending on the specific type and design of the blower or fan. Generally speaking, blowers are designed to be more energy efficient than fans and feature improved motor technology and airflow optimization. The correct size and type of blower or fan must be selected for the specific application to maximize energy efficiency.

7: How do I choose the blower or fan that suits my needs?

When selecting a blower or fan, factors such as airflow requirements, static pressure, noise levels, energy efficiency, and space constraints should be considered. Consulting an expert in the field can help you determine the type and size of equipment suitable for your specific application.

8: How to maintain and clean the blower fan?

To ensure long-term functionality of your blower fan, regular maintenance is required. Regular cleaning of the blades and housing will help remove dust and debris that can affect performance. Lubricating bearings (if applicable) is also important to reduce friction and extend the life of the equipment. Following the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines is critical to ensuring proper maintenance.

9: Are the blowers and fans noisy?

The level of noise produced by blowers and fans can vary depending on a variety of factors, including equipment type, motor technology, and operating speed. Modern blowers and fans are designed to reduce noise levels and provide quieter operation. It is recommended to choose equipment that complies with required noise regulations, and if you are concerned about noise, consider noise reduction features.

10. What is the difference between a blower and a fan?

Blowers and fans are mechanical devices used to move air or gas. However, their operating characteristics differ. Fans are typically designed to operate with low resistance, providing high flow at relatively low pressure. Blower, on the other hand, is capable of generating high pressure to overcome resistance and achieve efficient air movement in industrial applications.

11. How do blowers and fans improve energy efficiency?

Both blowers and fans can significantly improve energy efficiency by implementing various technologies. Upgrading to more efficient models, properly maintaining equipment, and optimizing system design are key factors. Using a variable speed drive or control device can significantly reduce energy consumption by adjusting airflow rates to meet actual demand. Additionally, the use of advanced control systems integrated with building management systems ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency.

12. What are the common types of blowers?

There are many types of blowers, each designed for a specific purpose. The most commonly used blowers include centrifugal blowers, axial blowers, and positive displacement blowers.
A centrifugal blower consists of an impeller that accelerates air radially to create a high-pressure zone. This blower type is widely used in HVAC systems, ventilation systems, and industrial processes.
Axial blowers, also called axial fans, move air parallel to the axis, creating a powerful airflow. They are often used for cooling purposes in applications such as computer systems, HVAC systems, or cooling towers.
Positive displacement blowers operate differently from centrifugal and axial blowers. They trap air within the housing and continuously expel it, providing a constant airflow while maintaining pressure. These blowers are typically used in pneumatic conveying or wastewater treatment applications.

13. How do blowers and fans benefit industrial processes?

Blowers and fans play a key role in various industrial processes, helping to increase productivity and safety. They can provide ventilation to eliminate harmful fumes or gases, cool equipment to prevent overheating, promote air circulation to maintain optimal working conditions, and promote efficient material handling processes, among other things.

14. Are there energy-saving options for blowers and fans?

Energy efficiency is the most important consideration today, and manufacturers are constantly striving to develop more efficient equipment. For blowers and fans, technological advances such as variable frequency drives (VFD) can significantly improve energy efficiency by adjusting motor speed based on project requirements. Upgrading to an energy-efficient system can reduce overall energy consumption and save costs in the long run.

15. How to ensure the correct maintenance of the blower?

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, regular maintenance is essential. Some routine maintenance practices include inspecting for physical damage, cleaning blades or impellers, lubricating bearings, checking electrical connections, and monitoring overall system performance. Following the manufacturer's recommendations and scheduling routine maintenance can help avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

16. Can blowers and fans be used in a residential environment?

Yes, although blowers and fans are typically used in large industrial sectors, they can also be used in residential scenarios. Home fans can improve air circulation, maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, and reduce energy consumption by supplementing or reducing reliance on air conditioning. Additionally, kitchen exhaust fans help remove cooking odors and maintain clean air quality.

17. What are the important factors to consider when choosing a blower or fan?

Several factors should be considered when selecting a blower or fan, including airflow requirements, pressure needs, energy efficiency, noise levels, space constraints and system compatibility. It is critical to accurately evaluate the application requirements and consult with an industry professional or manufacturer to select the most appropriate equipment.

18. Can blowers and fans be used in hazardous environments?

Yes, both blowers and fans can be designed to comply with safety regulations and be used in hazardous environments. Explosion-proof or spark-proof design, appropriate certification and implementation of necessary safety measures allow the use of blowers and fans in spaces where flammable or explosive substances are present.